USC SAE 550 Fall Semester 2015

Instructor: Dr. Elliot Axelband, TA: Mr. Kenneth Cureton

Duong, Phuong787-Dreamliner
Gale, JeffreyThe F-111
Gomes, Joćo EduardoLockheed Martin VH-71 Kestrel
Harms, BrianU.S. Army Stryker Vehicle Conception and Design
Hofmeier, BenThe Development, Cancellation, and Reincarnation of the Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft (AMSA)
Kelly, EamonnThe James Web Space Telescope
Kurowski, MichaelUnited States Health System
Molina, VeronicaDesalination Facilities
Ordoukhanian, EdwinJoint Strike Fighter Program
Powers, TomThe USAF KC-X Tanker Program
Sparks, MacThe Loss of Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia
Ung, PeterThe Hubble Space Telescope

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