USC SAE 550 Summer Semester 2012

Cabiness, AshleyThe Acquisition of the F-22A
Carpenter, BranCalifornia High Speed Rail
Chiorando, ChristineThe F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
Cisneros, GerardoCalifornia High-Speed Rail
Coleman, DanStrategic Missile Defense
Djuliarso, Markoational Basketball Association Team in Seattle
Donlin, TomThe F-22 Raptor Lifecycle
Esbenshade, MikeThe B-2 Stealth Bomber
Hiller, MaryannThe Health Care Research Initiative
Ishikawa, AaronThe B-2 Bomber
Johnson, JaredThe Past and Future of the Teton Dam
Keilich, MariaThe Clean Air Act of 1970
Lake, SusannahThe Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Landry, BrianThe Dulles Corridor Metrorail “Silver Line” Project
Lee, RonF-22 Raptor Program
Malec, AndyThe Ballistic Missile Defense System of the New Age
Nageeb, MinaZUMWALT Class Destroyer (DDG 1000)
Patel, AnkitAlexander's Invasion of India in 326 BC
Sung, RakThe Rise and Fall of the GM’s EV1
Togun, RaphaelEmergency Preparedness
Vengua, RosielleThe DoD’s Electronic Health Record
Winnicki, AnastasiaGlobal Positioning System
Woodland, OliverThe Procurement of the C-17A Globemaster III

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