USC SAE 550 Summer Semester 2011

Bachman, MichaelDark Skies: The Strategic Defense Initiative and the Manipulation of the Political Process
Brzozowski, JasonProject Constellation
Christensen, DrewThe Only Challenger That Defeated The Raptor
Chun, StevenThe Modernization of the 50th State
Cole, MikePacific Electric
Cranmer, KevinRAH-66 Comanche: A Political Death Spiral
Cronin, KenThe A-12 Avenger II
Fernandez, PaulThe Politics of ‘Curiosity’
Fraser, BenUCAV: Today’s Technology Tomorrow
Fulcher, ChuckThe Rise and Fall of the Constellation Program
Haar, ShawnZumwalt Class Destroyers
Hoang, KhoaInternational Space Station
Jones-Haffey, AmandaElectric Aircraft: Moving Technology Forward One Spark at a Time
Kanyok, JamieThe NASA Project Constellation’s Rise and Fall
Kloeppel, JoeThe AV-8B Harrier
Lee, LeonThe F-22 Raptor
Meeker, EricThe Development of the Interstate Highway System
Muckenthaler, ChasThe KC-X Program
Nguyen, JulietSeattle’s SR-520 Alternative Solution
Niegowski, JonThe Procurement of the KC-X Tanker
Peterson, LindsayThe VH-71 Presidential Helicopter Program
Reyes, DeliaInter-Service and International Impacts on Link-16 Interoperability
Sundaram, PadmaAmerica‘s Next Generation Aerial Tanker KC-X
Syska, MattThe “Great Engine War”: The JSF Engine Debate
Taylor, ChristianThe Future of High-Speed Rail in the United States: All Aboard?
Taylor, GeneThe Rise and Fall of the A-12 Avenger II Program
Tovar, SallyC-17 Globemaster III
Wallace, MichaelThe U.S. Air Force Tanker’s Decision
Wu, CedricRobust Electric LASER Initiative (RELI) and the Race to LASER Weapons Superiority
Yee, BaileyThe Airport Core Programme
Zech, PatrickThe V-22 Osprey

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