USC SAE 550 Summer Semester 2009

Altobano, NoeJoint Strike Fighter
Au, MitchellCrew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)
Bonyadi, EdB-1 Bomber
Bowden, JacobStem Cell Research
Breidenbach, JohnKC-X Aerial Tanker
Chiu, ChestonHornet to Super Hornet: F/A-18 (joint paper with Steven Fung)
Coates, KarenSydney Opera House
Cobb, ChristopherSpace Transportation System
Cook, MikeSpace Based Early Warning Systems
Emery, AshleyThe Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program
Engle, ToddAdvanced Tactical Fighter (TFX)
Evans, AliciaBack to the Moon
Fosha, KathyKC-X Aerial Refueling Tanker Recapitalization
Fung, StevenHornet to Super Hornet: F/A-18 (joint paper with Cheston Chiu)
Gaston-Cysewski, LoganF-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Illingworth, BrentAirborne Laser and the Political Facts of Life
Jansen, HeatherInternational Space Station Program
Kassem, ShriefThe B-70 and B-1: The Search for a New Strategic Bomber (1954-1988)
Kinne, BrittneyThe Orion Spacecraft
Kramer, RyanCape Wind: The Political Battle for Wind Power on Cape Cod
Kranick, GordonFuturability-- the world after catastrophe: Consequence of an Electromagnetic Attack & The Reality of Hurricane Katrina
Marashian, ChuckLGM-118A Peacekeeper-- Confronting Domestic and International Challenges
Menjivar, JorgeThe Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Program
Morton, JonThe F-22 Program
Nguyen, HungImplementation of Electronics Health Record (EHR)
Park, SylviaFuture Combat System
Roberts, BlakeFighting Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) within the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)
Romig, KrisYucca Mountain: The United States 25 Year Old Theoretical Solution to the Permanent Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste
Schober, SusanThe Making of the World’s First Microprocessor: The Path to Intel’s 4004 CPU-on-a-chip
Shelton, KacieThe Quest for Health Care Reform
Smith, AndreThe Air Force Tanker Decision
Sunga, DavidThe Politics of Nuclear-Powered Planes and Rockets
Uba-Okonkwo, UgoThe Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles
Vasishta, BalaChanging Intellectual Property (IP) Landscape: Political Process Implications on Patent Reforms Act of 2009
Walker, LukeThe Hanford Cleanup Project
Wassel, SaarahGlobal Positioning System (GPS)
Xu, LarryThe Past and the Present of the Electric Vehicle

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