USC ISE 550 Summer Semester 2007

Allen, JasonThe History of America's Nuclear Arms (And the Politics That Drives Them)
Beasley, MaratThe Tale of The Joint Strike Fighter (F-35 Lightning II)
Bergeron, Robert How Politics Killed the X-33
Browne, James Programs for Autonomous and Manned Exploration of the Moon
Chung, SungThe Political Facts of Life As Applied to B-1 Bomber Program
Cole-quigley, AliciaThe Intersection of Politics and Technology in the Hubble Space Telescope Program
Combs, DavidGlobal Positioning System (GPS) Modernization and the Political Process
Coonce, Julie The Orion Contract
Daniell, SarahCORONA: A Picture Of The Political Process
De Silva, AndrewThe Impact of the Political Process on East Africa's Digital Future - An Analysis of the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System "EASSY"
Donahue, KevinNew Orleans Hurricane Protection System
Hawkins, LarissaThe Driveway the Builder Built
Hergesheimer, JeremyThe National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS)
Hernandez, ChrisAnalysis of the US Coast Guard's Deepwater Program
Jolly, RichaOperationally Responsive Space: Redefining United States National Security Space
Kuey, KatyEstablishing Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E)
Lance, TerryAn Evaluation of Political Risk Mitigation Factors and Early U. S. Space Programs
Liang, BenThe Development History Of Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Lim, CecileSpace Station Program: The Political Process
Lloyd, RobertSouthern California Edison's Devers-Palo Verde 2 Transmission Line Project and the Political Facts of Life
Marlowe, AndreaHow the Political Process Contributed to the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident
Marshall, JohnThe Army's Future Combat System: Facts of Life through FY2008 Authorization Bills
Martinez, DavidThe Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository
Molinaro, StephanieFuture Combat Systems
Pakula, StephanieHow the political facts of life have affected the development of the Advanced Energy Initiative and will continue to influence its progress
Pei, JenTrans-Alaska Pipeline System
Pourghassamians, MichelleThe F-22 Raptor Program: An Analysis of the Funding Process
Rhemer, ChrisThe Space Shuttle Main Engine: A Study of Technology and the "Political Facts of Life"
Rosoff, HeatherBridging the Gap: Whether or not to Expand the 710 Freeway?
Roy, VonThe Rise and Demise of ICBM Systems in the United States (Peacekeeper, Rail Garrison, Small Missile and Minuteman)
Shih, Eddie (Pai-wen)The Final Voyage of the Space Shuttle Challenger
Southwood, MarkThe Manhattan Project: A Perspective into the Politics And Its Effects On the Atomic Bomb Development
Steele, SarahClipped Wings of a Blackbird: The Politics of the SR-71 Program
Sunhachawi, IsraAlaskan Way Viaduct Replacement
Watts, JeffreyThe Panama Canal and the Political Factors that Shaped it Design and Construction
Wu, StephenThe C-17 Globemaster III
Young, AlanP-8A Multimission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) and The Political Facts of Life

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