USC ISE 550 Summer Semester 2005

ALDE, RayThe Politics behind the Shift to the Operationally Responsive Space Paradigm
ASSAD, ArheindalDSP: The Glorious Past of the United States Infrared Satellite System
BAILEY, LeeBush Vision For Space Exploration
BANNING, TraceyKeeping the PEACESAT – How politics influenced communications in the Pacific Basin
BAUMANN, MikeThe Political Facts of Life and the International Space Station
CASTILLO, SalThe Political Process of the Space Shuttle Decision
CHENG, ShelbunGlobal Communication Navigation Surveillance System (GCNSS)
EMERY, AndrewThe Rise And Fall Of The Boeing 767 Tanker Lease Deal
FRANCHI, AmandaAzerbaijan Pipeline Project: Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline
FRANK, TimJames Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
GOETSCH, BrianPolitics and the NASA Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)
GUPTA, PujaEmbryonic and Adult Stem Cell Research Paper
HANSEN, PaulThe Space Telescope: The Political Battle to fund the Hubble
HAWK, NatalieThe F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and the Political Facts of Life
HILL, BradThe Founding of the Department of Homeland Security and Creation of the Science & Technology Directorate
KESSELMAN, LouisKC-767 Tanker Case Study
LARUE, JoannLet the Good Times Roll: The F-22 Story
LIN, Wei-NanCosmos Project, the World’s First Solar Sail
LOH, EileenPolitics of C-17
MERSCH, ToddThe Political Process: An Investigation into its Effects on the Automated Commercial Environment
MOHAN, MayankThe I-710 Gap Closure: A case analysis
MUKHERJEE, AviroopThe Birth And Demise Of Commanche RAH-66
PREONAS, DemetriThe Ballistic Missile Defense System and the Political Facts of Life
RITCHEY, JillThe Political Facts of Life as applied to Future Combat Systems: specifically, The Crusader
SAXENA, SandeepEnron's Power Struggle in India
SELLERS, DouglasAdvanced Tactical Fighter: A short analysis of the political forces that have shaped the US Air Force’s F/A-22 Raptor
SHIH, Chia-MingE-Government in Taiwan
STROSNIDER, RobynYucca, Mountain Or Mole Hill?
TERLECKY, BryanThe Political System Affect on the Evolution of the International Space Station
TORRES, AbbyThe Bradley Army Tank Vehicle - A Testing Chaos
ULLRICH, AlissaThe Challenger Disaster and the Political Facts of Life
VAUGHAN, KrisA Look into the Political and Technical Variables that May Hinder Man’s First Step onto Mars

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