USC ISE 550 Summer Semester 2003

ASHKAR, HugoThe Boeing Company Relocation to Texas & Florida
BACHER, LynnThe Political Process in National Museum Acquisitions and Exhibits
BLOMELEY, BrianThe Political Process in the Nuclear Power Industry
BREITZMANN, PeterEffects of the Political Process on the Space Shuttle Main Engine
BROWN, LeaThe Current Military Status of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Associated Political Facts of Life
BUCCOLO, GinaThe Columbia Accident Investigation Board: The Effectiveness of a Political Creation in Solving an Engineering Failure
CHAO, TonyBallistic Missile Defense System
CHAVEZ, JoseThe International Space Station
CORMIER, PhilipA Political Look at the Army Crusader Program
DAVIDSON, DellThe Russian Connection
DON, HankThe C-17
DOWLATSHAHI, ArashIndustrial and Economy Development of Iraq
DZIEZYNSKI, JoeThe Role of Politics in Space-Based Radar
FAKHARZADEH, CyrusThe Politics Behind the Case Against Microsoft
GHODDUSI, ShahramWhat Really Happened in Iran in 1979?
GUTIERREZ, MarcosThe Political Impact on the Mars Exploration Program
HSIN-HUI, DebbyThe Political Construction Process of the Golden Gate Bridge
HUDDLESTON, ChadThe Political Life and Times of National Missile Defense (1993-2002)
HUNG, Ju-YunRestructuring Taiwan's Defense Forces Against China
INGRAM, CorbinClean Air Act; Acid Rain Program
KATO, EricHow the Political Process Contributed to the Challenger Disaster
KELLY, KevinThe Political Process of the Space Shuttle Decision
KHAIR, JoeThe Tacoma Narrows Bridge: The Pearl Harbor of Engineering
KONOHIA, PeterHawaii Survelliance Network
LI, Cheng-NienThe National Flat Panel Display Initiative
MARTINEZ-MENNE, CathyThe California State Water Project
PIERCE, JeffEngine Change: The Emergence of a Hydrogen Economy
RAVI, AnitaThe Politics Behind the Hubble Space Telescope
RUDOLPH, GaryThe Politics of Water: The Los Angeles Aqueduct
SANKAR, ArvindThe Impact of the Political Process on Automotive Innovation and Regulations
SARGIOUS, EmadThe Effects of the Political Process on the B-1 Bomber Program
SARRAZINE, RejonPutting a Man on Mars: A History Into the Politics Behind Mars Exploration
SHANTYAEE, AliCaspian Oil Pipeline
SHELLOW, EricThe Politics of the Space Based Laser (SBL) Integrated Flight Experiment (IFX)
TAYLOR, BrianGround-Based Midcourse Defense System
THOMAS, LindaWhen Electricity was Plentiful: the Aluminum Industry's Rise and Fall in Washington State
WEN, AlexUSAF - Boeing 767 Tanker Deal
YANG, Ming-ShanGlobal Positioning System Modernization
YEUNG, MartinJoint Strike Fighter

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