USC ISE 550 Summer Semester 2002

AIKEN, DouglasPolitics and the International Space Station
AREY, JeffPolitical Processes in Condominium Homewoners Association
BALDRIDGE, TasHistory of the LGM-118a Peacekeeper/MX Missile
BAUR, AudreyAmtrak: An Analysis of the Political Facts of Life
BOUTON, BruceThe Atomic Bomb's Legacy at Hanford
CARDIN, TonyDestruction of Chemical Weapons in the United States
DANISH, ArsalanThe International Space Station: A Project with Enormous Scientific Potential
DAVIS, KenThe Political Evolution of the GPS II Modernizations
DEVLIN, MichaelThe National Space Transportation System and the Political Facts of Life: An Analysis
DOMINGUEZ, DanF-22 Raptor - Air Dominance for the 21st Century
GHAFOURIAN, RezaPolitical Facts of Life Impact on System Design of Ammonia Tank/Accumulator: The Space Station Freedom Active Thermal Control System
GUTIERREZ, AnaInternational Space Station (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow)
HAMANT, JamesThe International Space Station (1992 through 2001)
HANNA, MaherThe Effects of the Political Process on NASA's CRAF/Cassini Program
KIERNAN, ChereeThe Political Process vs. Global Multi-Mission Service Platform (GMSP)
LACANILAO, BrianLand Attack Standard Missile (LASM)
LEONG, EdwardThe Politics of the SAC Heavy Bombers Systems During the Early Post War Era
LOIGNON, MichelThe X-33 Venture Star
MACKENZIE, ElizabethThe Hubble Space Telescope: The Effects of the Political Process on Big Science
MALEK, JohnMissile Defense National Team
MARION, LisaAn Assessment of the Political Evolution of GMD and the Ground Based Interceptor
MILLER, GaryNorthrop Flying Wing
MURPHY, WilliamThe Development of the F-18 Hornet
NAGAI, NelsonThe C-17 Globemaster
O'DONNELL, BethThe Crusader Weapon System and the Political Process
PARK, JohnPolitical Process of Supporting Aging Avionics
RANGARAJAN, ParthaEnron Dhabol Power Project
ROSAS, AlbertoPolitical Aspects of the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository Program
SAVARD, DouglasPolitical Process Impacts on the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from 1990 to the Present
SCERRI, JosePlan Columbia
STORMER, LynetteX-33 Single State to Orbit Reusable Launch Vehicle Political Woes
SUTHERLAND, WilliamAir-to-Air Missiles and the Evolution of Air Superiority
WILSON, GaryAnalysis of the Political Process for the Combat Survivor/Evader Locating (CSEL) Search and Rescue System
ZHANG, YingAdvanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF)

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