USC SAE 550 Spring Semester 2010

Bacasse, OliverConstellation Space Suit System
Belle, EricAirbus A440M Military Airlifter
Bisetti, KatrinaThe A-12 Program
Burton, Craig The Constellation Program
Dama, ShrutiThe Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository
Dvir, EyalThe C-5 Galaxy
Feistel, KatieSpace Based Infrared Systems
Haas, BenThe Politics of Nuclear Waste Storage in America
Hunt, AndrewLoran-C and eLoran
Jefferson, GenaeGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) R-Series Program
Johnson, DustinTransformational Satellite Communications System (TSAT)
Lee, DavidThe Political Transition to Renewable Power
Lim, JayThe Political Transition to Renewable Power
Maynard, ChristopherAerial Refueling Tanker (KC-X)
McIntosh, SteveThe Airborne Laser Program
Mika, DarinProject Orion
Nyikos, SiobvanThe Hughes H-4 Hercules
Parleman, EdThe Long Strange Journey from the TFX to the F-111
Puplava, ChristinaThe KC-X Aerial Refueling Tanker
Stewart, EricFueling the Warfighter: The Politics of Corporate Folly
Strother, DougWideband Global Satcom (WGS)
White, LaurelThe Politics of Nuclear Power in the United States
Wolske, JeffMultiple Kill Vehicle
Wood, TimThe Cancellation of the Constellation Program
Yu, DaveThe Military Strategic and Tactical Relay (MILSTAR) Satellite Communications System

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