USC ISE 550 Spring Semester 2004

AVILA, JuanThe Political Impact to the Military Strategic, Tactical and Relay System (MILSTAR) Architecture
BACHANOS, TinaGlobal Positioning System (GPS)
BEVAN, JamesThe Evolution of The Titan Heavy Lift Vehicle
BROGAN, SteveThe Ballistic Missile Defense System
BROWN, NicholeFuel Cells: Advancing Alternative Technology
CHANG, DerekPending Cancellation of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
CHEN, Wei-tingThe Political Impact on Building Taiwan Fourth Nuclear Power Plant
CHIU, MikeThe Politics behind the National Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS)
CORTEZ, RogerThe Federal Public Key Infrastructure Initiative
DAVIS, SonyaPolitical Process in Architecting GPS III
FRAMPTON, RobertThe Apollo J Series
GASSER, AndreaWinning the Most Lucrative Contract in Government History -The Competition for JSF-
HAWKINS, TracyF/A-22 Raptor: Losing the Battle, Winning the War
HOWELL, Nelda The Political Process and the American SST
INGRASSIA, EdwardMaritime Multi-mission Aircraft (MMA) "The Competition"
KING, BillThe Politics of the World Trade Center Replacement Project
LAU, DavidThe MTA Light Rail Program
LOVIS, WillThe International Space Station: The Interface of Politics, Technology, and Economics
LY, SangF/A-22 Raptor and its Political Ride
NICHOLS, RodgerThe Joint Strike Fighter: The Next Generation US Fighter
OZATALAR, MikeChemical Agent Disposal Programs in the United States
ROCHFORD, TedThe Effects of the Political System on the Apollo Program's Architecture
RODRIGUEZ, WaldemarPolitical Facts of Life in The Tomahawk Cruise Missile
RUSSELL, JenniferRAH-66 Comanche: No More Fight, No Flight
SHU, JasonTaking the Pilot Out of the Cockpit--The Joint Unmanned Combat Air System
SNELL, SteveThe Political Process and How It Contributed to the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident
STROSAHL-JOHNSON, AndrewThe Acquisition of the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
WEISS, RickExamination of the Political Process On the American Supersonic Transport (SST)

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