USC SAE 550 Fall Semester 2008

Avramov, JamesThe C-17 Globemaster III: A Short Runway to Doubt, A Long Flight to Acceptance
Azzi, BassemThe RAH-66 Comanche (joint paper with Elias Azzi)
Azzi, EliasThe RAH-66 Comanche (joint paper with Bassem Azzi)
Bartlett, JamesThe Evolution in Design and Political Relevance of the National Space Transportation System
De Dios, SoniaHurricane Katrina: A Natural Disaster
Gillis, JohnConstellation: A Political Journey to Space
Gonzalez, AlbertKC-X Tanker Program - Political Impacts on a Government Acquisition
Greiner, LaurenDesign and Construction of the New Orleans’ Levee System
Haimoff, OdedThe Political Implications of The Deep Impact Space Mission (joint paper with Alfred Magcalas)
Jha, AalapInternational Interoperability
Magcalas, AlfredThe Political Implications of The Deep Impact Space Mission (joint paper with Oded Haimoff)
Marzano, JohnHow Politics Influenced the Design of the F-22 Raptor
Mehra, AnjaliHubble Space Telescope and the Impact of the Political Process
Merino, AlyHistory and Funding of the Los Angeles Metro Rail
Myrick, BettinaUncovering the Political Facts of Life of the Hubble Space Telescope Program
Potter, EricMissile Defense Shield in Europe
Roumeliotis, ChrisSpace Shuttle: An Unwelcome Compromise
Sadler, TeddiAnalysis of the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program
Trimble, Jon“It’s Not Over Until It’s Under!” - The Dulles Metrorail Extension Project Tunnel
Vining, KirkThe Continental Navy of 1775 and the Endurance of the Political Facts of Life
Williams, MelvinThe International Space Station: Exploring the “Facts of Life”
Zaya, MelThe Politics of the USAF’s KC-X Aerial Tanker RFP
Zetilyan, MisakKC-767 Tanker Case Study

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