USC ISE 550 Fall Semester 2006

Amanatullah, JasonKC-135 Tanker Recapitalization: A case study in Political Scandal
Anbarcioglu, SamimStrategic Defense Initiative
Arteaga, RicardoPolitical Factors Impacting the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident
Breit, JosephThe Impact of Government on the History and Future of Kistler Aerospace
Buckholtz, KennethPolitical Analysis of the Technology COmponent of the Secure Border Initiative (SBInet)
Dahmen, KatieThe Big Dig: Re-Shaping the Heart of Boston
Damron, PatrickObserving the facts of life in the entire lifecycle of a High speed hydrofoil Program
Diehl, JustinNPOESS: Truly Ambitious – Fundamentally Flawed When Politics and Technology Collide
Dodds, SamLong Beach Airport Terminal Expansion Project
Fortune, JaredAnalysis of the Political Facts of Life for Operationally Responsive Space
Gough, JeffPolitical Analysis of the NASA Space Shuttle Program
Gresser, JosephFuture Combat Systems (FCS) and the Political Facts of Life
Griswold, KellyThe Politics Behind the J-UCAS Program (Joint – Unmanned Combat Air Systems)
Haddad, NadimFacts of life at Work in US-USSR cooperation in Space: Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP)
Han, EricThe New Presidential Helicopter
Hort, KristinJoint Tactical Radio System And the Political Facts of Life
Humphrey, TareqThe Boeing Company Relocation
Jaleel, GazzaliThe political process and its impact on the International Space Station
Jones, DannyPolitics and the Hoover Dam
Kadu, RevatiToward a Planned Environmental Disaster: India’s Narmada Valley Project
Kanai, EdwardThe Politics of the Airborne Laser Program
Kazemi, AlexGround-Midcourse Defense System
Kim, MichaelBallistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) Through Political Lenses
Kuo, AndyWiFly: An Urban Wireless Network in Taipei
Latimer, DewittPolitical Factors Influencing the Global Hawk Acquisition (c. 2005-2006)
Lee, MatthewThe Advanced Political Fighter
Moore, SheriThe B-2 Bomber: Can a Similar Feat Be Achieved in Today’s World?
Morton, CurtisThe P-51 Mustang and the Political Influences That Shaped It
Mumma, NicoleThe US Ballistic Missile Defense System from 1944-1975
Mushet, DouglasOrion & Ares I System Architecture Development & the Political Process
Patel, AmitPolitics: Paving The Way For A Nano Future?
Peck, BrianPolitics and the F-22 Raptor Program
Sanders, DavidThe C-17 Globemaster III: The Political Facts of Life
Serafini, JulianSBIRS – Political Initiatives Lead to Political Problems
Sirota, JamesPolitical Analysis of ValTrans and MetroRail
Smith, DonnaEndurance of the United States Scientific Balloon Program
Smith, RaymondThe Political Facts of Life Involving the Triangle Transit Administration Regional Rail Project
Voracek, DavidThe Facts Of Life of the Active Aeroelastic Wing Flight Research Program
Wang, JohnF/A-22 Raptor
Weinstein, KevinAn Analysis of the Political Aspects of the Joint Strike Fighter Program
Yovanof, NikkiX-33 and the Political Facts of Life

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