USC ISE 550 Fall Semester 2002

ALI, AsimCentral Artery/Tunnel Project, Inception Boston, MA ("The Big Dig")
ALVARDO, JohnHow Politics Has Affected The U.S. Missile Defense Program
ASHBY, DavidAcquisition Reform in the U.S. Department of Defense and the Impact of the "Five Political Facts of Life"
AZNAVURYAN, KevinNational Missile Defense System
BADILLO, IveliseThe Impact of the Political Facts of Life in the Panama Canal
BARCHICHAT, DeborahThe United States Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN)
BRADLEY, MartyThe Political Process and the NASA Hyper-X Program
CHAFIN, BrianThe Political Life of NASA's Mars Program
COLLINS, BradPolitics of the Manhattan Project
GUERRA, EdwinStem Cell Research & Applications: The Political & Ethical Issues
HAMBURG, EricRAH-66 Comanche: A Political View
HANLEN, SeanThe Political Facts of Life for the Spacelife Range System (SLRS)
HOCHBRUECKNER, MartinPolitics and the Development of the Hubble Space Telescope
JACKSON, TrevorThe F/A-22 Raptor
LEPORINI, JosephMEADS: The Political Struggle of the Model for Trans-Atlantic Weapon Development
MNATSAKANIAN, ArmenThe Boeing 767 Tanker Lease Deal
PARK, AlisonSouth Korea's "F-X" Fighter Project - How Political Process Influenced the Decision?
PILLA, SatyaFuture of the Space Shuttle Program
REHM, KellyThe Politics of Building the World Trade Center and Re-Building at Ground Zero
ROJAS-LASANTA, JorgePolitics in Weather Modification Research: Project Stormfury (1962 - 1982)
RUECKERT, ClarkThe Political Process and the Joint Strike Fighter
SCHWARTZ, LarryMcDonnell Douglas F-15 Fighter Aircraft
SINGHAL, Saurabh3G Spectrum Allocation and Management
SOUVERIELLE, LaurenceGlobal Positioning System (GPS) III Research Paper
WARSI, Adnan3G - Wireless: Political and Regulatory Effects on Technology and Industry
WILSON, MikeAdvanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite Program

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