USC ISE 550 Fall Semester 2001

ARMAS, RayMAGLEV: The California-Nevada Proposal and The Political Facts of Life
BRIDGES, TimothyGPS IIF Modernization and the Political Facts of Life
CALMA, RichardThe Land Warrior System
CARVAN, DwaineCNS/ATM-The New Air Traffic Control
CERVANTES, EdThe Golden Gate Bridge
CONE, GeorgeThe American SST Program
CONNOR, JohnDevelopment of an Advanced Tactical Aircraft System - The U.S. Political Process and The F-22 Raptor
CROMWELL, FaithSpace Shuttle Main Engine Contracts
CRUZ, AlendanderThe RS-68 Engine and the Delta IV Program
CZOPEK, FrankThe Politics of the Global Positioning System in the Seventies
DeKEYREL, JoeThe Political Life of the RAH-66 Comanche
DONG, William3G - The Future of Wireless Communication
DREWS, AdamThe Politics of Global Positioning System (GPS) Modernization (1st of 3 authors)
ESCOJIDO, AmeliaInnovations in Automotive Technology: Electric Vehicles
FAIRBANKS, GregThe Politics of Global Positioning System (GPS) Modernization (2nd of 3 authors)
FITZGERALD, ScottNational Missile Defense
FLYNN, WarrenThe B-2 Stealth Bomber - The Battle for Additional Production
JOZEFIAK, RichardHow the Political Process Effected Changes To the National Missile Defense Program's Prime Contractor From The Clinton Administration To The George W. Bush Administration
KARAPETIAN, ArbiThe Rise and Fall of the NASA HPCC program and JPLs REE project
KIANI, NaveedThe Civil Tiltrotor
KNOPP-MCKENDREE, UrsulaApplication of Political Truths to National Missile Defense
McGARRY, AndyThe effects of the political process on NASA's Mars Exploration Program: past, present and future
NKANSAH, Dan ASEMATECH-Commercial Industry Federally Funded Program
NOAH, DougCrusader
PENA, MauricioThe Political Process and V-22 Program
PENG, Frank710 Freeway Extension, and Extension, and Extension
RATTAN, SaketCyber Defense Initiative
ROCHELEAU. DavidLight Helicopter Experimental (LHX): a Political Perspective
SAKATA, DanNavy Theater Wide (NTW)
SMITH, TimothyThe F-22 and Its Political Struggle
SYMONS, Robert EBefore the Earth Turned: Golden Gate Bridge
THOMAS, TraceyThe Politics of Global Positioning System (GPS) Modernization (3rd of 3 authors)
TOWNE, Jordan PLessons Learned from the Northrop F-20A Project
VALERDI, RicardoPolitical Challenges in a Countywide Public Safety Communications System
WARNER, AnnaEl Toro Airport Debacle
WOODS, CharlesNational Ballistic Missile Defense (NMD): Homeland Defense Security System
YOUKHANA, FrankPolitical Influences in the Construction of a Fixed Link across the English Channel

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