USC ISE 550 Fall Semester 2000

BECKER, AdamThe Impact of the Political Process on the System Architecture Design of The Federal Aviation Administration's Advanced Automation System & Wide Area Augmentation System
CAMPBELL, IanThe Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
CASTRO, KimberlyThe New Millennium Program
CHANCE, JackNational Missile Defense - The "Real" Reasons For Its Continued Existance
GALLAGHER, KarlThe National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) - Political from Day One
HALLIGAN, KevinThe Role of Politics in National Missile Defense
HANKE, KarlNational Missile Defense (NMD)
HENKEL, KathrynPolitical Process Of Building The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
HONDA, MarkSpace Laser Energy (SELENE) for Geostationary Satellites
LEMOS, MichaelThe Political Process in Broadband Frequency Allocations
McCALLUM, EvanThe Los Angeles Metro Rail Project
OPDAHL, TriciaExtension of I-210 Freeway in Southern California
PETERSEN, KarenEvolution of Medium Launch Vehicles
PRECHT, ArleneRoute 710 Extension Project
PRECHT, DavidF-20 Tigershark: The Fighter That Never Soared
SEABOTT, JoeNASA's X-33 Program: A Reusable Launch Vehicle
VU, MinhThe Cooperative Engagement Capability System

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