USC ISE 550 Fall Semester 1998

ACEVEDO, RichardThe Yucca Mountain Repository, A Controversial Nuclear Waste Storage Program
AKBIK, BaderU.S. Navy/Hughes UHF Follow-On (UFO)
ALVAREZ, VictorThe Political Process and the U.S. Nuclear Waste Repository Program
CARTOLANO, BobResource Management System (RMS): An Automated Scheduling System for the Air Force Space Command (AFSPCOMM)
CHANG, BenjaminSea Launch
CROSS, MichaelMcDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender
DODGE, DavidThe C-130J's Struggle For Survival
FRANKLIN, Kaiana(none)
GERBER, ChavaElectric Vehicles
HARNING, MargueriteAn Evaluation of the Political Risk Mitigation Factors in the Land Warrior Program
HARTNETT, DeborahInternational Space Station - Assembly Sequence
HOWARD, DeniseThe Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) and the Political Process
KAFADARIAN, MaysaThe Decision to Launch Challenger
LEW, PerryThe Business & Politics of Molecular Nanotechnology
LY, ChiThe International Space Station: An Unending Endeavour
McDONOUGH, MikeThe C-17 Program
RASMUSSEN, AmyNASA's "Faster, Better, Cheaper" Program
SCHILB, ToddThe Los Angeles-class Attack Submarine and the Political Facts of Life
TELLEZ, JoeCalifornia Electric Industry Restructuring and the Independent System Operator (CAL-ISO)
THAVISRI, SethaLA Century Freeway Project
YU, AmyEarth Observing System (EOS)

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